British Isles Fusion Dinner

Wow! What a day.  Wednesdays I teach European and International/Fusion Cuisine at Lakeshore Culinary Institute.  Today was our first service night of the term and our focus was the British Isles.  We worked together on a menu that was beyond cool.  The three courses consisted of Pickled and Deep Fried Onion Rings with a Tea Smoked Cucumber Remoulade….I’ll give you a moment to wrap your head around that one!  Next was a Watercress, Seaweed, and Orange Salad.  The main course was Plum and Apple stuffed Trout wrapped with apple-smoked bacon and served with a Sweet Potato and Turnip Gratin and Wilted Greens.  Everything turned out so well.  Here are some pictures and some comments.  If anyone is interested in the full recipes, drop me a line and I will send them your way.

IMG_0292 IMG_0293

The onions we cut thick and marinated in a pickle brine that was boiled with beets to give the yellow onions some color.  We marinated the onions at room temp, for fear of heat making them soft and difficult to bread.


We then took the marinating onions out of the liquid and dredged them in seasoned flour, a beer batter, and carefully dropped them in the fryer.  The final product looked like so…IMG_0304

The salad was plated like so.  Finished with Lemon Vinaigrette. IMG_0303

IMG_0298IMG_0294IMG_0302   IMG_0305 IMG_0306

This is the Trout.  Stuffed with homemade chutney and spinach, wrapped with the bacon and seared off in a pan.  The fish was topped with a tarragon infused beurre blanc(white wine butter sauce).  Folks were raving about it all night!  Congratulations to Jess, Amy, and Travis for a job well done today!   Stay tuned for our next post when we get away from food for a day and I share a project where we gave an old piece of furniture a new lease on life!  See you then.


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