DIY Jewelry Organizer

January is a great month for organizing projects.

If you are like me your jewelry is probably a tangled mess and you may not even wear most of the jewelry you own because it isn’t easy to access.


I have tried coming up with many different ways to organize and jewelry boxes just never worked for me.

I finally found a really great and inexpensive way to organize jewelry and wanted to share it with you.  This project should take less than 20 minutes and cost around $20.


  • Cork Board (any size depending on how much jewelry you own) I used a 23″ x 35″.
  • Fabric (any type of fabric will work).  The fabric I used happened to be from a curtain panel I wasn’t using.  Find a fabric that will work well with the room you are displaying it in
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Push Pins
  • Another Person to help

Lay the cork board on your fabric piece and cut around the cork board leaving 2-3 inches around the frame.

Fold over one edge of the fabric and staple around the frame.

Fold over the alternate side next.  This is where you want to make sure you have your helper.  One person should be holding the fabric tight while the other person staples.


Do the same for the remaining two sides.

Now begin inserting the push pins and hanging your jewelry.


You can display by standing on a dresser or hanging on the wall.  If you hang on the wall you will need to attach a picture hanger on the back.


I love the fact that I can now see all of the necklaces that I own and it actually looks pretty cool too.


Now…..what to do with the big pile of scarves : )


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