Super Bowl Gameday Homemade

Hey everybody!  The Super Bowl is only days away and social media is flooded with food and beverage ideas.  So, we are going to share some of our Homemade Gameday Fare. This morning I woke up and did a little research before writing this entry.   There is a plethora of great ideas out there for the yearly celebration of gluttony.  I saw a few that were inspired, or inspiring.  As a whole, however, I got heartburn from the pictures!  Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff.  Buffalo wings with a killer bleu cheese dressing, nachos smothered with habanero pulled pork and gooey cheese, and my sister’s bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.  And let me tell you, given the chance, I will eat until I burst and never look good by the time we get married!  So, our approach this week is going to bring some balance to that gameday spread you are working on.

I am a ‘Sconnie boy at heart, so Friday we will walk through my football favorite, Beer Cheese and Brat Soup and we will make some soft pretzels for dipping.  Saturday, will be about the beverages.  Our “Bounce” concoctions and a couple variations of the “Bowman Grog” warm libation will be the focus. (A good day to be a taster!)  Today, we want to show off a couple platters we had done earlier this season.

The first one I did early in the season.  Amy said she just wanted something light and simple for dinner and went to take a shower and busy herself about the house.  I went into the culinary “zone” and she came down to this a little later.  I put this together on a nice wooden cutting board I use more as a display piece than workspace.  The breads are sesame na’an, the flat pretzel chips, and Wasa crackers.  Local Blueberry white cheddar cheese, fresh pomegranate, homemade dried tomatos, apple slices, and apples wrapped in prosciutto with fresh garden cherry tomato and cheese curd.


Later in the season, we had some friends over and I put this one together.  This had some neat twists.  I wanted to use these tasty pears, but didn’t want them to discolor.  Considered the acids at hand and chose to immerse them in a riesling that was opened a few days earlier.  They were SO good!  The olives and beans were from the olive bar at the grocery store.   The board was heavy with veggies and homemade tzatziki, roasted garlic hummus, St. Pete’s Select Bleu, and Dubliner Irish Cheddar.  We had tortilla chips, foccaccia bread, and crackers in a basket with this one.


I hope these help you as you play with presentations this weekend.  Remember the key to presentation is layers of contrast.  Color, texture, and height should all be considered and brought into balance in order to appease the eye.  The same could be said of life in general, I reckon.  But more on that another time perhaps.


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