Homemade Libations for your Celebrations


Hey everybody!  Just some quick look into what we serve this time of year for homemade libations on gamedays and when we have company.  The first has been been lovingly dubbed “Bowman Grog” by our friend John.  There is two variations of this soul-warming liquid refreshment.  The first is based off of apple cider.  At the end of the season we brought about 7 bushels of apples to Whispering Orchards outside of Kiel, WI.  They press and UV pasteurize the juice for a nominal fee.  We ended up with over 17 gallons of fresh cider that was so unbelievable tasty and used a good amount on this warm punch.




  • 4 cups Apple cider
  • 1-2 cups of wine (we use opened, unfinished bottles when available)
  • a couple shots of spiced rum
  • a couple shots of whiskey
  • 1 orange, sliced thin
  • 1 cinnamon stick or 2 t ground
  • 1t clove
  • 1t nutmeg

Mix all ingredients in a slow cooker and place on low 2 hours before guests arrive.  Obviously, the variations are limitless with this recipe.  Different liquors and wines change the flavor and can be adjusted according to taste.  Which brings us to the main variation we use which makes it more of a mulled wine.  When we ran out of cider we just replaced the lost volume with more red wine and a little fresh orange juice.  This version is so good, but packs a little more punch.  On that note, keep in mind that alcohol evaporates close to 165 degrees, so if you boil the grog, it is likely you will lose all the alcohol.  Just keep it warm enough to take off the edge from the -15 wind chill!


The other tastebud teasers we wanted to share today is our bounce.  Every year we take some peaches and cherries and pack them in mason jars with a little sugar and booze.  It turns into two wonderful treats for winter weekends.  First, you get an infused alcohol that is great for sipping or some cocktails.  Secondly, you get some alcohol infused cherries or peaches to snack on or use at garnishes.  Come cherry season, we will show you the specifics of making the bounce.  We use a whiskey-cherry bounce in the grogs.  The vodka based ones mix really well with fruit juice, 7-up, or your preferred mixer.  The cherry brandy or whiskey rocks in coffee or hot chocolate.  Have fun and experiment!  Remember, after all, it is just food!  We are off to ready ourselves for game day festivities by going to the gym.  Feel better about eating and drinking that way!  Be safe today and come by again real soon.



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