Getting off on the Right Foot for the Gardening Season

Hey everybody!  Spring is almost here.  Which means the number on thing on our minds is garden prep.  We need to till and fill the garden.  Figure out when to start the tomatoes, peppers, and other plants we jump start indoors.  This year we are trying to do more companion growing, expand the garden some, and try some new plants.

We have been raising gardens for 4 seasons.  Every year we seem to approach it in a more orderly fashion and formulate better plans.   This year we start the season with 21 fruit trees (and the intention to add a couple more), three solid rows of raspberry bushes, two crimson rhubarb plants, three rows of red and purple asparagus, 24 or so strawberry plants, and another 800 square feet or so for yearly planting.  In addition, there is the 25 square foot herb and tea garden and thrice that for flower beds.  Today, I am going to outline the process for the year.  Every other Monday (maybe more often during active times) I will post an update as to where the garden is, how things are going, or how we met challenges.  Should be a fun season for all of us!

As with any large project, the best place to start is with a list.  We make a list of the tasks that need to tackled through the growing season.

  1. till garden
  2. clean up asparagus, raspberry, and strawberry plants
  3. cut back grape vines
  4. build up lost soil
  5. decide on plants
  6. plant indoor starters
  7. compost/fertilize herb garden
  8. Set up rain water barrels
  9. trim peach and pear trees
  10. plant garden
  11. pest prevention (cat can’t get them all!)
  12. stake out large/vine plants
  13. continually weed and add compost/grass trimmings
  14. trim /coddle plants as needed
  15. harvest
  16. end of season maintenance

As the year goes on, we will tackle these issues, sometimes more than once.  Stay tuned it is going to be an awesome adventure to get through fall.  Thanks for hanging out!


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