Repurposed Ladder Shelves


With planting season coming up quickly, we thought we would share our plant stand project.   This is a great project that repurposes an old ladder making it a functional shelf.  We use ours to shelve starter seeds in the sun room, and then it turned into a book shelf for the off season!  This is  a fairly simple project that should be done in a day, maybe two with painting.

Start off by cleaning and putting a light scratch in it with a fine sandpaper.



For the shelves, I used a well aged hardwood pallet.  Cut the planks down, leveled them as needed and fastened them with screws.  Remember when using older, dry wood, pilot holes are your best friend.  Just drill them with a bit smaller than your screws.  This will result in much less cracking of the boards.

Amy found a really cool color from Benjamin Moore called Weston Flax  that looks great in the bright light of the sunroom. click here to see the color


We will be posting more pictures of it as we change it back to a plant shelf in the coming weeks. We can’t wait!



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