Our Favorite Home Kitchen Tools

Hey everybody!  Today we thought we would share some of the items in in our kitchen that we couldn’t live without.  Or, at least, we would really miss them!  Some help us work a little more efficiently, some hold a unique task, and others are just plain cool!  Please, comment at the end and let us know what your favorites are.  In no particular order, here goes:


1. Cuisinart Food Processor – Amy got this for me as a Christmas gift a couple years back, and I seem to find a new reason to love it every few months.  From processing abundant harvests to grinding bread crumbs and making doughs, it makes tons of jobs faster and less daunting.


2. Immersion Blender – It’s just a small unit and I use it ALL the time!  Blending soups or sauces, beating eggs, marinades, vinaigrettes, gravies, the list is long and extensive. 😉  I have had the same one or one just like it for over ten years.


3. Heat proof rubber spatula – As a chef, there are a few tools out there that you will become attached to and protect like your children.(usually your tongs, but the damned line cook keeps stealing them)  My current rubber scraper/spatula is one of them.  A stiff handle that stands up even to thick doughs.  The blade is heat proof and non-stick making it great for eggs and omelettes and the like.  A money save also, when used to scrape bowls and limit waste!


4. Stoneware baking pans – Cakepans, loaf pans, and mixing bowls are all in our cupboards.  The baking pans are natural nonstick, the thick stoneware walls result in very even heat dispersion.


5. The Ninja – Amy loves her smoothies.  After burning out like 3 blenders in as many years, we were able to get a good deal on this beast.  It makes an awesome smoothie and tasty, frothy iced coffee drinks.  In small quantities, I can use it in place of the cuisinart for bread crumbs and tapenades


6. Hardwood and Bamboo cutting boards – Where form and function meet!  These boards are so pretty, they are good for your knives and with a little upkeep, last a long time.  I love presenting on them.  I still use my plastic type boards for raw meats and the occasional bleeding produce, beets and the like.


7. Mortar and Pestle / Spice Grinder – I will list these two together, the result is the same.  Handmade spice blends are one of my “secret weapons”.  I revel in finding a great blend of flavors that piques the senses and forces folks to wonder at the flavors that tease their palate.  A grinder or mortar and pestle allow for many more options to be brought into consideration.


8. Whiry-Pop Popcorn popper – Ok, so I don’t “like” popcorn…it likely qualifies as an obsession.  This popper is the best one out there, hands down.  Microwave types will kill you anyway, so take the time to enjoy a bowl of corn.  It’s healthy (until we add butter), wholegrain, gluten-free.  I pop it with flavored oils, curry and sesame, citrus.  The popper is a 5qt pot with a contraption lid with a handle you turn to agitate the seeds inside through a system of gears.  It works well on a camp stove or open fire, too.

And these are a few of our favorite things!  Honorable mentions go to instant read thermometer, wooden rice paddles and utensils, salt box, and I could go on and on.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the tools you wash the most in your kitchen!


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