The Vanity for the Bathroom Remodel

We had been considering a bathroom remodel for awhile but were trying to hold off.  Then one day we woke up to water running through the walls into the rooms below, and our hand was forced.  Rather than spend just enough to bandage the problem, we opted to take the opportunity to remodel the room.  If you ever lived in a 100 year old home, you know this was just loosening the lid on the ol’ can of worms!   Each project lead to another problem solving adventure.  We took a fair amount of pictures and will walk you through the process beginning with the refinished dresser we used for a vanity!


The picture above is the vanity we were replacing, obviously not the original piece.   As we searched for a new one it was quite important to us to keep some old character in this remodel.  We thought if we could find the right dresser, we could get an expensive looking piece on a  budget.  Amy found a long neck, brushed nickel finish faucet and really cool vessel-style sink.  On our journey for some old character to add, we found a dresser at a local antique shop what was the perfect fit, minus the mirror.


We cut the mirror and top molding off for other projects.  Over a few days, I cleaned, sanded, and altered the piece.  The intention was to cut two holes in the top, one for the drain and one for the tap, but we needed room for the plumbing.  The small drawers and middle one were taken apart and permanently attached to the front, making room for the plumbing and suitable access when bottom drawer is removed.


The finish was an oil based ebony stain.  I did 5 coats of stain and 5 coats of sealant, rubbing with steel wool between each application.

IMG_6294 IMG_6298 IMG_6300

I took on a great dark luster and looks so classy.  At an antique shop in Door County, we found small glass knobs that match the doorknobs all through the house.  The sink and faucet were attached and plumbing finished.  Put a couple screws in the back, anchoring it to the wall and caulked all the top joints.  Stay tuned for the rest of the bathroom remodel coming very soon.


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