Weekly Garden Update

Hey everybody!  This week has brought the recession of the snow and thoughts of being ankle-deep in the dirt, sun-tea on the picnic table, and kids playing outdoors.   While it may not be time to get outside, gardening season is getting into full swing around here.  I borrowed “The Garden Primer” by Barbara Damrosch from the local library and immersed myself in it.  Such a wonderfully written book with so much information arranged perfectly.  Reading this had got my mind reeling and ideas changing and morphing into a master plan.

garden primer

We added another tool to your garden kit this week, also.  We had been using a garden planner app for the ipad, but discovered this wonderful one through Mother Earth News.  It is free to use for 30 days and then only 25 dollars a year.  The web or Ipad based software allows you to plot your garden to scale and stock it with plants.  I keeps track of space needed for each plant, when it should be planted, provides a ton of information about most of the items in your garden, and gives me something to geek out on when I can’t sleep!  The thumbnail image is tough to read click to see a screenshot of my first garden design.  This one is quite rough, but I was just trying to get a handle on how to use it.  Like I said, I’m very impressed so far and think this is going to be a great tool.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.17.32 PM

We did want to share another link from Mother Earth News.  This is an easy to navigate and read version of the plant info included in the planner. Vegetable Planting Guide from Mother Earth News


This weekend we will be starting tomatoes, brussels sprouts, some peppers, and other items in seed trays.  We are about 6 weeks from planting.  In addition to the perennial items, we are planting 22-30 vegetables and variations this year!  Our widest array to date.  I’m sure it will be a ton of work and we are so excited to get started.

Thanks for hanging out and may visions of romanesco broccoli, purple dragon carrots, and black krim tomatoes dance in your heads!






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