Hello and welcome!  We are Amy and Todd and we will be bringing you Brand New Day.  Amy is a professional designer and a fantastic photographer.  She really has a knack for finding and showcase the beauty in anything.  I am a chef of over 20 years experience and currently a chef instructor.  Together we manage and keep up a 100 year old house which has been in Amy’s family the entire time, an orchard of over 20 trees, and a very large residential garden.  As you can imagine, there is always a project that needs attention, and we LOVE it!

We have learned a ton about tree management, gardening, house maintenance, remodeling, design, and other fun subjects.  Much of our research was done online and feel we have a chance to kind of give back now.  Together we have tackled some great upcycling, repurpose projects and love the pride that comes with giving a piece a new lease on life.

We aren’t claiming to be experts with any of this stuff, but we love sharing ideas with people, and love having this record of things we have accomplished.  Finally, the guys at Becoming Minimalist had written about how blogging forces you to live a more intentional life and that concept really resonates with us.

So, please, check back once in awhile and share your thoughts with us.


Amy and Todd


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved your cooking last night at the Nourish Good Food Party! You mentioned that you cater – how can we get a hold of you? We were unable to find your facebook page.

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